While not initially obviously, there are some interesting political parallels between America’s Finest City and the Jayhawk State.


There was a political earthquake Tuesday night in the Sunflower State. A Democrat, running in ruby red Kansas, nearly pulled off a stunning upset special election victory in a congressional district Donald Trump won by 27 points. This was a seat that hadn’t been held by a Democrat since 1994, a place where a Republican cakewalk turned into a tight finish.

So how did Kansas’ 4th Congressional District come close to turning blue?

Because Democrats are energized. They’re mobilized. They’re speaking out across the country, ready to vote for their values – even in places like Kansas.

Yet it goes beyond election results. Whether it was the Women’s March, Indivisible groups or demonstrations at airports, it’s clear that complacency is over for those looking to create progress.

I’m seeing it clearly here in San Diego. At every group I speak to, every club I visit, there are big crowds hungry for change and ready to move this city forward.

That brings me back to Kansas & San Diego, specifically District 2. If Democrats can come close to flipping a congressional district as red as KS-04, imagine what’s possible in San Diego’s 2nd city council district. With a democratic registration advantage of nearly 10%, and a district where Hillary Clinton won every precinct, the prospects of flipping D2 from Red to Blue are tantalizing. That switch would not only have a meaningful impact on the lives of D2 residents but would have major ramifications for San Diego too. Flipping D2 would give the Democrats a 6-3 super majority on the city council, helping ensure a more progressive future here – a future we’re now all fighting for, whether in the heartland or on the coast.

To help make sure we turn D2 blue, I’m asking you to make a donation to my campaign. When you’re fighting for progress against a conservative incumbent, every dollar matters. If Republicans can narrowly pull out a win in Kansas, local GOP officials will be sure to pour unlimited money to hold on to what should be a Democratic city council seat next year.

If it can nearly happen in Kansas, it can definitely happen in San Diego. With your help, we’ll make sure it does.