With average housing prices continuing to spiral upwards, many San Diegans are finding it harder and harder to make it in America’s Finest City. Without action San Diego will only be home to those lucky enough to buy decades ago, along with the 1%. Meanwhile the rest of us will be pushed further and further out – out of the county, potentially out of the country – while struggling with long commutes and a diminished quality of life.

Fortunately, there’s still time for change.

San Diego’s District 2 deserves a representative with a fresh perspective that understands our  housing crunch is the biggest issue we face in our city. Our housing crisis is connected to the major issues of this city, including homelessness, destruction of  our open space and increased traffic. 

It’s clear we need to build more homes in San Diego for this city to continue to thrive, attract and retain good paying jobs and improve the quality of life for every San Diegan.

Building more housing doesn’t have to be a four-letter word. It helps us reach our Climate Action Plan mandates to lower the city’s carbon pollution. It creates more opportunities for people to live closer to job centers. It helps produce more lively and diverse neighborhoods. It can help fight our national epidemic of senior solitude, extending their social lives.

And great neighborhoods need great public transportation. We talk about getting people out of their cars and creating more walkability, but our policies don’t match those ideas. That’s why it’s important to have a strong advocate for complete neighborhoods that feature first mile/last mile opportunities for those who want to ditch their vehicles.

This is also a chance to create a Democratic veto-proof majority on the City Council while flipping a district from red to blue. With this, the Democrats can control the City’s agenda and implement progressive policies, not just around housing but in all aspects of city government.Goal Thermometer

In a city where the majority of people are renters and in a district where the median age is 34, Jordan is the right candidate to stand up for an inclusive city, return that first step to the housing ladder and give the next generation the same opportunity as their parents and grandparents.

So today we’re asking you to pitch in. Help ensure that San Diego has a progressive voice on this incredibly important issue. We’re looking to raise $20,000 with your help. Whether it’s $25 or $550, every dollar will go towards a pro-housing, pro-smart growth Democrat can help change San Diego for the better.

This is our time. Jordan Beane can ride this wave to victory in November.

Some of his endorsements include: