With so many eyes now on our race in District 2, our campaign is getting a lot of questions on the biggest topics facing our beach and bay communities.

Therefore, here is our position, per an interview with the Union Tribune:

“District 2 shares the most significant burden of short term vacation rentals in the city, and it’s a significant contributor to our housing crisis and quality-of-life issues. We’ve been waiting far too long for the City Council to pass sensible regulations and enforce them. That includes a cap on whole-home rentals, restrictions on outside investors, and allowing for single-room and ADU (accessory dwelling unit) rentals. We also must impose escalating fines for bad actors and increased fees on STVRs. As a younger renter in an incredibly expensive community, any loss of housing stock — especially when it comes in the form of all cash offers from out of town investors — hurts those of us looking to get their piece of the American Dream in San Diego.”

Additionally, Jordan Beane was one of the only City Council candidates who spoke at the STVR meeting in December, 2017.